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CITP Advantages

Holding the CITP credential means having an IT experience and an astute understanding of financial transaction workflow to help organizations streamline business processes, maximizing productivity and manage risk.


CPAs who hold the CITP credential are recognized for their technological expertise and ability to bridge the gap between business and technology.

CPA.CITPs have a strong background in understanding and implementing internal controls, and are in tune with regulatory and compliance standards critical in today’s business environment.

CPA.CITPs deal with key business initiatives that require deep business process knowledge and strong IT expertise.

Small businesses have a significant advantage of being flexible and can quickly adapt to changes; owners/managers are forced to split time between running the business and contending with back-office matters. That’s where YB Consulting can help by offering the services that encourage and support financial and strategic growth.

Because they have limited resources, owners and managers must spend more time running thee business and contributing to actual operations, and less time focusing on accounting, finance and control. Having a consultant such as myself, with in-depth knowledge of accounting and software, is a huge advantage.

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